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Dollhouse Scale Ruler – FREE Printable

A printable PDF with 5 common dollhouse scale rulers on it.

Dollhouse scales are super confusing right? Gotta do all that math conversion and then it still doesn’t seem right? Well, if you are anything like me, having a handy scale ruler around makes everything so much easier. Why can’t I just measure the darn thing and the ruler tells me how big it is? Well, now you can with our dollhouse scale ruler printable!

I’ve created a set of 5 dollhouse scale rulers on one handy printable page and it’s yours for the low low price of signing up for my monthly newsletter! What a steal right? Ok, sleazy sales persona aside, it is handy, and it is free, and while I’d love to work for free, that’s not how this works.

A printable PDF with 5 common dollhouse scale rulers on it.

My dollhouse scale ruler printable has 1:6 scale for Barbies, Monster High, and other 12″ fashion dolls, 1:12 for standard dollhouse hobbyist size and Japanese Re-Ment, 1:18 for Lundby and Petite Princess, 1:24 for Half scale and Calico Critters, and even 1:48 for Quarter scale. If you’d like to learn more about dollhouse scales, I have a very in-depth post about them.

It’s quite a handy little tool to have in your toolkit, so what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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