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Dollhouse Picnic Scene ~ July

Happy Fourth of July! The next scene I have is a little summer dollhouse picnic. I have a bunch of dollhouse food and the cutest dollhouse picnic bench, so it was an easy idea. Modeling realistic grass was a challenge. I don’t think I nailed it, but at least it’s green, so that’s a start.

The lobsters are an homage to my Aunt’s Baltimore Maryland tradition of lobsters and crabs at summer picnics. Since we lived so far away, we only went to a few. Later I found out I’m allergic to shellfish, but I still like the idea. The squirrel is also included for her. She had these family gatherings in her shaded backyard and the squirrels were always around.

Setting the scene up wasn’t too hard, except for the issue with the ‘grass’. Initially, I had a blue sky background, but the line between that and the grass was too close to my scene and didn’t look good. I change my camera angle, and photoshopped the green to continue behind. Not my best scene, but it works.

I didn’t do a scene for June, but did you see the one for May?

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