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Smallhouse Models offers realistic modern day scale miniature items. We currently specialize in paper products and are always investigating new product ideas. Recently, we expanded our line of printable wall and flooring options for multiple scales!

We also like to help teach you how to make better miniature items yourself; we strive for all our blog posts to be somewhat educational, and some are even full-blown project follow-alongs.

Contemporary Furniture

Smallhouse Models offers up-to-date, contemporary dollhouse furniture and accessories.  For the past 100 years, dollhouse furniture has not changed, remaining mostly in Victorian styles, even though actual furniture designs have moved forward with each decade. However, today’s kids and young adults rarely see Victorian-style furniture outside of antique shops.

Today’s younger generation finds nothing familiar with the dollhouse hobby, and they are not engaging in this activity. By offering relatable furniture, we hope this will help to bring fresh eyes and new hands to miniatures. With Smallhouse Models, you now have the opportunity to portray current-day houses, furnished with contemporary dollhouse furniture.

Miniature Fun

The best place to find us is either here on our website, or on Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter. Connect with us at your favorite social site! We also always welcome email, so don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter!

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