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3 Repeating Marbled Linoleum Miniature Dollhouse Floor Patterns


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This is a set of three scale dollhouse miniature tile floors. Each tile pattern fills it’s own page, and there is a sampler page, for four pages total. Use the sampler page (shown in preview) to determine which tile looks best in your dollhouse room. Each page is repeatable along the edges, so you can easily cut out and put another page down right next to the first one if your room is larger than the page. The three tile colors included are all the same pattern, so you can also get creative and mix and match them to create your own color patterns.

This tile is scaled to be the right size for 1:12 scale doll houses, but I also offer this same pattern in multiple other sizes. See my shop for other scales. I work in 1:12 Standard Dollhouse, 1:6 Barbie, 1:18 Lundby, 1:24 Half Scale, and 1:48 Quarter Scale. Not every item is available in all scales, but many are.

This PDF is an instant download. As soon as you purchase it, Etsy will give you the link to the files. Choose either US Letter or A4 depending on what your printer uses. The file content is identical, so just grab the one for your region.

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