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2021 Dollhouse Miniature Shows

Map of the US with markers indicating locations of Dollhouse Miniature Shows in 2021

Well, everyone was hoping we’d be done with Covid before next years shows, but it doesn’t look that way yet. With talks of a vaccine in spring or summer, there is still hope for our 2021 autumn miniature shows!

We continue to keep a list of all the dollhouse shows we can find. In addition, we are letting you know which ones have been cancelled. However, PLEASE check the link for any dollhouse show you are considering attending. This will send you directly to the source because they have the the most up to date information.

Shows that have a STRIKETHROUGH have been cancelled (or postponed till 2022). However, if a show is rescheduled for this year, it will appear in the list under it’s NEW date.

Shows that are in ITALICS do not yet have their 2021 dates announced as of the last edit to this post. These shows are listed in in the month they usually occur. If you are interested in one such show, please follow their link to see if they have since updated their information.

We were unable to find an information from the sponsoring group for a few shows, so those shows do not have links. If you know the official website for them, please share and then we will add it! A Facebook event is enough, as long as its from the show’s organization and not a third party.

If you know about a show that we haven’t mentioned, for instance, or if you know that a show has been cancelled, please leave a comment. Additionally, please INCLUDE a LINK to where you got this information.

2021 Dollhouse and Miniature Shows

January Dollhouse Shows

February Shows

March Shows

April Miniature Shows

May Shows

June Shows

July Dollhouse Shows

August Shows

September Shows

October Miniature Shows

November Shows

December Shows

no shows currently

Did We Miss a Miniature Show?

If you know about a show that we haven’t mentioned, for instance, or if you know that a show has been cancelled, please leave a comment and INCLUDE a LINK to where you got this information. We will try to keep this information as up to date as possible, but we can only do so much. In conclusion, any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

Also, if you are interested, here is last year’s show list.

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  1. Helen Naughton

    Rosemary Macedonio
    Cleveland Dollhouse & Miniature Show, May 21 & 22, produced by T&D Miniatures.

    This was posted to your entry on Ohio Miniature Group. You can contact Rosemary for further information.

  2. Flash Whitelock

    Cancellation: Tom Bishop Chicago International is officially changed to April 2022. See his website.

    Add: Three Blind Mice Dollhouse & Miniature Show & Sale
    Friday and Saturday May 7th and 8th, 2021
    Holiday Inn 13351 St. T. 535 Orlando FL 32821

  3. Martha Tyler

    Hi..Mooresville NC has a show in June…infor from Maria
    The info is: 8th Annual Mooresville Dollhouse, Dolls, and Miniature Show & Sale

    June 19th, 2021 9AM -4 PM

    Hampton Inn at exit 36 off Rt 77

    For more information call Maria Cannizzaro (704)230-0569

    We are sold out of tables.

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