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Making Holiday Sleds

Our miniatures club has been working on these holiday sleds for the past few months. Originally we painted a bunch of them and then they went to the local library for the children’s craft day. The kids would then decorate them as cute winter scenes. We ended up with some left over and we decorated them ourselves. We would use them for our upcoming holiday party to use as centerpieces. I made the first two pictured. One of the club members who has been in the club more than 20 years made the third one.

I painted this sled at the June meeting, not really knowing what it was for. Everything was still so new to me then, whenever plans were being discussed it was still like a secret code I hadn’t figured out yet. All I knew was that we were painting sleds, so I painted a sled.

At the September meeting, we then decorated some of the sleds. I lucked out into finding my own sled again. I picked through the boxes of the club’s miniature bits and bobs. The fence caught my attention, so I went from there.

At the October meeting, we once again were decorating more holiday sleds. This red and white number was the one that I got to work on. By this point my choices were slim, it was either a red and white sled, or a bright yellow one. I confess, I have no idea what I would have done with the yellow one. Originally, I started with only putting on red and white items, but it just looked like it was missing something. I revamped my plan, brought in the gold trim and the holiday wreaths and that was instantly much better.

At the November meeting, one of our other members brought in a holiday sled she had been working on at home. It’s really great! I love the penguins!

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