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Ohio State Fair Miniatures

Wednesday was opening day of the Ohio State Fair, and the Ohio State Fair Miniatures are something worth seeing. I went with my best friends and we made a day of it. We walked around for hours, saw lots of great exhibits, petted some cute animals, rode all the rides, and ate all the fabulous fair food.

When we were looking for a bathroom we wandered into this Ag building. There we saw these exhibits and a few others like it. How cute, a little train layout, and an adorable gazebo nestled in with live plants.

I had to know what I got on my entries after seeing those cute little scenes. After a brief detour through the Midway, we headed over to the brand new Arts building, Cardinal Hall. Cardinal Hall houses the Fair’s Creative Arts and Youth Arts exhibits (Hall B), the Handmade Heritage Crafts exhibit (Hall C), Model Railroad exhibit (Hall C) and various banquets and events (Hall A), as well as the permanent Ohio Agriculture Hall of Fame exhibit.

Ohio State Fair Miniatures Official Exhibits

Just inside to the left in Hall B was the Ohio State Fair miniatures display, and there on the end of the table was my little house’s red roof. As I turned the corner I saw the ribbon and squealed with joy! My Lundby house took Second Place at the Fair! I’m so excited and happy about my Lundby house! Eek!

I had also entered my Tool Shed vignette. Back in September, I had created this to be ready for our club’s annual show and sale in November. I purchased some clear acrylic for the front of the Lundby house, and with the scrapes, I replaced the broken glass roof of my tool shed. I wanted to make sure that I could keep all the dust from the fair out of my display. Who knows how much dust could have accumulated from a week at the fair!

This little corkboard is my latest creation. All the papers and photos that are pinned on are from my own school days. I scanned in my awards, drawings, and birthday invitations and scaled them down and printed them out along with my own photos. Then I carefully made a tiny friendship bracelet out of thread! It didn’t place, but I’m so pleased with how it turned out!

Our club also put together a miniature fair of it’s own. How cute is this? (click the images to see a bigger version)

Miniature Trains

In the next room, train layouts were set up. I’ve been pretty partial to train layouts thanks to my dad. Model railroads have been his hobby since I was little. These were my two favorite ones.

The Ohio State Fair runs until August 9th, so you’ve got another week and a half to see it all! Get all the information you need about planning your trip from their official website, Ohio State Fair.

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  1. Susi

    Thanks for this nice post. I’m totally in love with that corkboard, I really thought it was real until I read the comments on it, so well done!

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