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Updating Our Dollhouse Blog – Excuse the Mess!

Our dollhouse blog and website in general has been experiencing problems. We’ve lost a number of our posts and are doing our best to rebuild, so please disregard strange post dates. We have since switched hosting companies and unfortunately lost the website entirely prior to moving. We are rebuilding from backups and the WayBackMachine, but that’s why things might look a bit different.

Additionally, we are also working to back-fill our dollhouse blog post catalog with new ‘old’ content, as we were rather silent the last few years. We were still doing mini-projects, and are just now getting around to posting, because life. (Friends had babies and were then hospitalized, got a new job, moved across 2 state lines, got engaged, etc….) Please do flip through and if something looks new to you, it might very well be. 🙂 Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Thirdly, we’ve taken this as a good opportunity to become an Amazon Affiliate. What this means is that at the bottom of many of my blog posts, I’ve added information about products I’ve used. This will allow you to purchase, through Amazon, the same tools and supplies I’ve used and am recommending. The benefit to us is that if you click on the linked tools or supplies and purchase them through Amazon within 30 days, we will receive a small commission on the sale. This is does not cost you anything extra. Amazon builds into its budget an advertising fee. Since I did the advertising for them, I get the money for it.

Many blogs and websites make money by their affiliate programs. I’ve long felt that they were kinda salesy and icky. While some of them still make me feel that way, I understand their side. I am doing this as a business to support my goal of becoming a stay-at-home mommy, so I need to generate passive income. If you enjoy reading my blog posts and are considering adding more tools or supplies to your hobby, purchasing them from Amazon through my links is a way you can help support me and my career goals.

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