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Dollhouse Christmas Hearth Scene ~ December

Merry Christmas! For December I made a dollhouse Christmas scene. It’s Christmas Eve and the cookies are out and the kids are in bed.

On the walls are the Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas garlands I made. I made the dollhouse Christmas cards that are on the mantle. The calendar is one of mine, and I also made the star ornaments (you can too, I wrote a tutorial!).

The star ornaments and the wooden laser cut ornaments were both for my Columbus Miniatures Club ornament swap. There are two images on the wooden ones, the tree and the reindeer. I still have a bunch of them left and I don’t know what to do with them. Should I put them in my Etsy shop? Let me know in the comments.

I love that little red train on the rug. Trains are Christmas for me. Mom always read us the Polar Express and Dad would help us set up our Fisher Price trains to go around the tree. If the train wasn’t around the tree, the tree wasn’t complete yet.

I didn’t have a scene for November, but did you see my October Trick-or-Treating scene?

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  1. ellkcee

    Hi, I’m a 79-year-old newbie to miniatures. I started building small scenes about a year ago and fell in love with the craft, and plan on graduating to larger dollhouses soon. I must say, your stone fireplace is exquisite. My late husband was a masonry contractor for 40 years, and I know he would be very impressed with your detailed stone work. The whole scene is beautiful. I received your newsletter yesterday and have devoured every single word. I’m selling my house and moving into a mobile home in a few weeks, so I’ve packed up my craft room and waiting to be moved to a new craft room. I’m going to use your excellent ideas for planing a work area for miniatures. It’s the first and very helpful article I’ve found for mini crafting. I knew there had to be a difference in a craft room for miniaturists, than from other crafters when it came to their workplace. I never knew there was a shield and vacuum for painting. Now, I’m going to look you up on Etsy and see what irresistible minis you have for sale. Thank you for publishing such an informative newsletter. Can’t wait for the next edition.

    • Smallhouse Models

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I can’t take credit for the fireplace’s masonry work though. I acquired the fireplace when another friend was downsizing her stash. As for my Etsy shop, I actually sell almost every thing here on my own site as well, (and I face fewer fees here!) but either works just as easy. Thank you again!

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